Valentines for the 3 Phases of Love

Published on:February 21, 2016

Not until the Middle Ages was Saint Valentine’s Day [SVD] associated with love, romance, and devotion when written Valentines were exchanged among lovers and friends mostly in England and France.   In the 17th century, SVD began to be more popularly celebrated.  In America, in the 1840’s Esther A. Howland [“Mother of the Valentine”] allegedly […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Decide to Stay? to Go? How to decide.

Published on:January 1, 2016

As the New Year approaches, you may hope to make a Beginning-of-the-Year Resolution:  to stay, or to leave, your relationship.  This Decision is like wrestling with an alligator.  The Decision can wrestle you to the ground, as you try to grab hold of it.  Just the process of deciding can leave you panting and exhausted […]

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Published on:December 24, 2015

….. Hanukkah-Candlemas-Ramadan-Solstice-Christmas-Kwanzaa-New Year-Boxing Day-Epiphany !  “The Holidays”  are many.  This year’s celebrations run from Hanukah in early December to mid-January for Epiphany or Theophany [also known as Three Kings’ Day, or in Greek, The day of the Lights).  As the blog title indicates,  our western culture celebrates in diverse ways, with different names.   What […]

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HEY.   We need to talk.  Telling Your partner you want to separate.

Published on:December 16, 2015

So you’ve decided to leave your relationship.  To separate.  Maybe even to divorce.  I’ve a strong bias that it’s best for the two of you to decide together.  This may not be possible in the end.  But it’s worth starting off with a cooperative, collaborative attitude and approach.    4  GUIDELINES  to discussing the topic.  […]

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Thanksgiving Challenge: Giving Thanks and Staying Positive

Published on:November 26, 2015

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving can be a challenge when you are divorced. You may be approaching the Thanksgiving holiday with some version of dread, especially if you are recently divorced and not accustomed to being “single” on this “family” holiday. You may have well taken care of your parental responsibilities, abiding by your Parenting Plan […]

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Published on:September 15, 2015

My Mom died  3 weeks ago just as Merri, my co-presenter, and I were finalizing our power point on the GRAYING DIVORCE JOURNEY for the Catalyst Conference in NYC [ coming up this weekend.] At 98, Mom couldn’t see well,  or hear well,  and didn’t always know where she was.  Unable to recover from an […]

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