Benefits of Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

  1. benefits
    Photo by Joy Dryer
    You and your partner together make the decisions [not a judge]. You are both active and full participants in how and why you are making specific choices at each of the 5 stages of the process. (See Roadmap.)
  2. One of the distinct benefits of this process, is that we encourage you to create your own Agreement based on your values, framed by your interests.
  3. Your interests, in turn, underlie outcome decisions, e.g.  RE: how and where you and your children live, your financial support, and property distribution.

    We will keep returning to your bedrock belief system, because the way we work emphasizes  personal values as the rudder that steers us through rough seas and around rocks that can obstruct the process. Thus, your interests guide your choices, and your choices steer the process.

  4. Both processes operate according to generic values intrinsic to the approach. These values include: dignity/ respect/ transparency; protecting children; empowering you to direct the process and to collaborate cooperatively with the professionals.
  5. Both processes de-emphasize your conflicts, and focus on your common ground, common “interests” e.g., what is best for the kids, how to empower each of you to live more fulfilling lives, meet your individual potential, find love, enjoy a career etc.
  6. Both processes have a specialized team, involving several professionals, whose work as a team benefits you. Two Co-Mediators, or 4 (or 5) Collaborative professionals. Each are expert in different aspects of this process — emotional, legal, financial. We provide a safe venue, using our observations and establishing a dialogue that fosters a full understanding
    Photo By Joy Dryer
  7. Both Mediation and Collaborative cost less than Litigation. Yes, you do pay several professionals. That may seem expensive, however,
    1. You get a high quality Agreement that you will fully understand.
    2. The agreement will last a lifetime because it is grounded in your values in finding common ground.
    3. The more you can cooperate with one another, the less expensive the process will be, both in time and money.