Differences in the Process

Differences between these two ADR’s  (Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes)


The main difference is that both co-Mediators* play a neutral role, that is, do not advocate for, or represent, either partner. I work with a Co-Mediator Attorney: I focus on the emotional frame and the parenting/ custody issues, and s/he focuses on the financial/ legal issues. Mediators walk a fine line in our care to give both partners clear legal information without giving either one individual legal “advice.”

Photo By Joshua Mora

In this way, “informed consent” is central to the mediation process, confirming that each partner takes responsibility for choosing and understanding the final settlement decisions.

We refer each of you to your own “Review Attorney” who, in his/her non-neutral [“advocate”] role will give you legal advice along the way and will check over the document.


CD involves a collaboratively trained Team of professionals*: an Attorney who advocates for each partner, a single neutral Coach and a neutral Financial Specialist. A Child Specialist can be called in if needed.